You’re getting a puppy? Life is going to get busy!

It doesn’t matter how much planning you put into it when you decide to bring a new puppy into your family, by about day two you will definitely be thinking “what on earth have I done?”

Your new puppy will be cuddly and cute but will also come with puppy behavior – whining, biting, chewing and using your carpet as a toilet!

The first few months of life of your new puppy are so important when it comes to training and his experiences. What he learns and experiences now will affect him for the rest of his life.

Here are a few tips to help!


  • A crate will make house training much easier and will give them a familiar place that is theirs.
  • Try using baby gates to block access to areas around your house that you don’t want your puppy to get into.
  • Try and get into a routine – housetraining is so much easier if your puppy knows what is expected of him and when.
  • Get your puppy into a puppy class. Your puppy will learn obedience and will gain more exposure to other puppies and people.
  • Don’t encourage behavior that you are going to regret when they grow up – it might be cute for them to jump up at you when they are young but when they grow up this will probably be a problem!
  • Invite your friends and family to meet the puppy – we can’t stress enough how important it is to socialise your puppy.
  • Register your puppy as quickly as possible with your vets. As well as all of the necessary health checks, vaccinations etc many vets now also offer puppy parties where you can sit with other new dog owners and share tips whilst your puppy gets to play with other puppies.
  • If you leave anything on the floor it will be chewed – if you don’t want it chewed, pick it up!
  • Try to prevent separation anxiety becoming a problem. Give your puppy time to himself in his crate every now and then and get him used to you coming into and going out of the room – the key is to not make a fuss when you leave or come home, this should be normal behavior and only becomes a problem when you change your behavior and make your puppy uneasy. Sometimes it can help to leave the radio or TV on when you leave them.
  • Make the most of them being a puppy – they will develop into their adolescence quicker than you think!
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