How To Handle Over Excitement or Conflict When Out Walking

This is a topic that every dog owner will have experience of – Walkies!

You put your coat on and your walking shoes or wellies, grab their lead and they suddenly turn into different dog. Thoughts of lazing by the fire are gone and they are so focused on going out that you find it hard just to contain them enough to get their lead on!

When you walk out of the front door though there are so many extra things you have to consider:

Does your dog get so excited when you get to their favourite field that you can’t control them?

If your dog goes to the same field or park over and over again they may get extra excited even before they get there. I’ve seen dog owners being dragged up the road to the local field simply because the dog knows where they are going and the owner can’t control their excitement.

Pay no attention to this behavior, any acknowledgement could just encourage them to carry on. Rather just stop and wait patiently until they calm down before continuing your walk. You’ll need to work on this behavior so your dog learns to display self control. You may have to keep stopping every few steps, and it will take a while, but stick with it.

If your dog still won’t stop dragging you then simply turn around and walk home, don’t go into their favourite field or park and don’t talk to them as you change you head home. Your dog will soon learn that if he wants to go to his field he will have to change his behavior.

How would you handle the situation if your dog gets into a fight with another dog?

It’s every owners nightmare but these things do happen. Try to remember that when your dog is faced with this situation he won’t be focusing his attention on you and your first instinct will be to try and ‘get in there’ and separate them. Just be careful with this, you’ll possibly be putting yourself in danger.

A good way to separate them quickly and with less risk is to grab your dog by the hips from behind and pull them backwards away from the fight and get them back on their lead. Do remember though at this point your dog will have lost control so keep alert to their behavior and if necessary remove them from the park.

There are so many situations that can present themselves when you are out with your dog, just be vigilant. The most important thing is to make sure you both enjoy your time out!

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