Taking your dog on holiday?

Don’t leave home without checking out our top tips!

 A dog is man’s best friend – well that’s certainly true when you consider that on average 8 million households own a dog and, according to the Telegraph, a third of pet owners are taking their best friend’s on holiday each year.

So what do you need to think about before taking your companion away with you?

Before You Leave


  • Make sure your dog is well trained – How well trained is your dog? Do you need to spend extra time with them before you leave?
  • Check out the area you want to go on holiday before booking your accommodation. Are there dog friendly pubs, cafes, parks and beaches nearby?
  • Research the accommodation thoroughly before booking – is your cottage truly dog friendly? Do they provide anything for your dog? Are there toilet facilities on site?
  • Make a check list of everything your dog will need for your trip and stock up! Here’s a few ideas:

✓ Lead

✓ Collar

✓ Bed

✓ Favourite toy

✓ Poo bags

✓ Enough food for the holiday

✓ Treats

✓ Towel for muddy paws

✓ Any medication your dog is on

✓ Their microchip details and contact details for the database


  • Visit your vet beforehand for a check up and make sure your pet is fit to travel. Make sure you have the contact details of a local vet whilst you are away too!

Whilst you’re away 

  • Plan for your journey – If you are making a long car journey make sure you have regular stops where your dog can have access to fresh water and have time to stretch their legs.
  • When you arrive at your cottage make sure that the house and garden are secure so they can’t escape.
  • Give your dog the time and space to explore their new surroundings. It will help to give them their toys and their bed to help them feel secure.
  • Walk your dog on a lead unless you are sure it is safe to let them off – you may not be aware of potential hazards.
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